Friday, May 25, 2007


Work has been pretty hectic of late, just struggling to get things done therefore, the number of posts happens in spurts instead of regularly. Read a few stories about blogging all over the place and people talking about blogging as a huge social phenomenon. You know something, it isn't anymore. I'm not saying blogging is passe, but really to call it hip is missing the point. Other than very few people in India, blogging has not become an effective medium to make money, and while I like this blog of mine a lot, maintaining a blog can get very hectic for someone who does have a fairly regular job. I might be writing this because I'm tired but I have to admit that while some people like this blog several other people have told me to tone down the content on this blog. I personally feel that the content is a lot 'cleaner' today than it was say a year ago, but I get the message. Anyway, I also feel that I should come out with a 'signed' media blog in a while. Not that it will be toned down in any which way, but then again other clowns can't accuse me of hiding under the cover of anonymity. This is not the last post here, but you will see a signed blog from me within the next few weeks.


shyam said...

O teri! I think your promise to be a good child has worked, the firewall is not blocking you anymore ;-)

Signed blog should be fun, though I guess most people know by know who you are.

I just hope it does not hit you the way it hit me.

Prerna M. said...

a "signed" blog? why would you need that? ah i enjoyed knowing you and thinking lots of people still don't know you. hehe anyway thats great :D

Mirage said...

Yep. I don't get why people have a problem if u write somethin on yr blog... Your thoughts, Your words, Your blog and their problem?? Doesn't quite fit... I so hate to be cautious with my own posts... pisses me off no end!

And its true abt the whole 'being hip' thing...though it kinda makes me choke!

G'luck wid ur signed blog man.

Amro said...

Actually i dunno if signing or keeping it unsigned would help. Im a media student and i used to drop in to get a good insight of this industry im to enter, now i dont see any novelty in either ur writing style or content.

Just dont feel the need to drop in anymore