Thursday, May 10, 2007

More mobile stories.

When you sit and end up discussing technology with friends, those conversations can go late into the night, discussing the rights and wrongs of what havoc the spread of information is wreaking on our pulpy brains. However, and I have to really admit my father was prescient about this, the spread of camera enabled mobile phones has revolutionised the way Indians treat pornography. Heck, it has encouraged an entire generation of peeping-Toms, and one could argue that worse, it has encouraged an entire generation of people to take their clothes off in front of the camera. Some of the videos that are being shot and floating around the internet are what my old driver would have called 'chicken tikka ke andar ka masala'. I never did figure that out!
Anyway, why am I mentioning this? Well, in the past two years at least two anchorettes have been 'caught' on mobile camera. One was an anchor for a south Indian channel, the second an anchor at a Noida based Hindi channel ostensibly owned by a political party. Unsurprisingly, when the latter quit to join another organisation she was horrified that almost everybody had seen that clip. But now, thanks to the exploits of an anchor in a Delhi-based Hindi channel on a network better known for its English channel has been caught posing, pretty much letting everything hang (this was no 'secretly filmed' video). This is a channel famous for the fact that almost every woman who makes it big there has to (and I quote a friend here) 'Do the boss' (of the channel). What is even more surprising is that on the other front, this channel has a strict policy in place, but that seemingly doesn't apply to the vernacular.
I mean members of the looney right go around beating up priests and attacking art exhibitions, but at one level I think that they're losing the fight to impose their perverse sense of morality on us. I mean, when it comes to their version of morals, extreme-Hindu's and extreme-Muslim's show an uncanny bonding and even attend protest rallies together, even though otherwise they would have no qualms about killing each other. Again, I would like to clarify that I am not passing moral judgement on the topic, go ahead shoot videos (as long as both parties are consenting) and go ahead post it online - trust me, short of some of the new Nokia N-Series devices which are sweet handsets, few other handsets can really resolve images, let alone videos very clearly.
Really people, this is not good porn, even when it comes to homemade amateur porn, man I could have done a degree on the subject when I was still in college. And anyway, when it comes to Porn, nobody, nobody, comes as close to insanity as the Japanese. Hey, I still read anime, and even the watered down (you know the ones where they skip the part about tentacle monsters) comics make me gag at times.
Anyway, on another note, back to important things in the media. A lot of people are currently leaving CNN-IBN to join INX, from reports, INX is poaching technical people by the bushel and deskies are running away, frustrated that their stories are reported by good-looking but air-headed dumbats. However, after seeing the first show of 'A Matter of Taste', I can pretty much assure you that 'The V' is not Tony Bourdain or even close to Keith Floyd. Listen, I watch a lot of T&L, and I can guarantee that the food show that Padma Laxmi hosted on India was much better. Whats with those 'pregnant pauses' while chewing.
Oh, and I have come to the conclusion that journalists who do not do their homework should be, well, shot, but since that would kill off half of UndieProfit, we can't exactly do that can we?


Abhi 2.0 said...

can we see the video anywhere? utoob?

Anonymous said...

You might start wFn type feelings bro......have you noticed that lately in your posts........