Thursday, May 03, 2007

Alive I cried!

Evven thoough thanks to a friend I almost got scrunched by a wild elephant in Madhumalai National Park, I am alive. The mosquitoes at Koramangala came close though. I was supposed tto meet up with some people in Banngalore, but I got up, apologies for not meeting up with anyone, but I got caught up. Anyway, a proper post iin the evening, the day is going too be quite hectic, especially with Nokia already claiming half of it.


Anonymous said...

And while elephants were fore-playing with K, Gautam Adhikari was about to be berthed in TOI... yet again... yet again.

Anonymous said...

No not toi. JB will throw a fit, he is off to echtee to replace the yankee. Fat Lolly has already moved there and his other favourite sons are moving to delhi as well. Will his lady friend join him?