Friday, October 27, 2006


Maybe I'm being a bit cynical about the country's national security issues, but I really think there is a connection between this story and this story. I mean if I am a ethically suspect CM whose son, who also happens to be the grandson of someone who loved bullock carts, goes on a rampage, what do I do. Or is it just lucky? I mean is there any better way to bury a story than wagging the dog? So, lets not forget India's latest juvenile delinquent in all this terror!
I'm serious, whenever something is going wrong, it seems the government either at the centre or at the states foils an ISI/Naxal attack. But, it never gets to seem to catch the big attacks. As I said, maybe I'm being cynical. But, this reminds me of one CM who used to get people arrested under the NDPS by sprinkling Heroin all over their homes. Sprinkling heroin? Why? Well, don't ask me, I don't run the country I just see it.
Still debating the point of going to Mohali, can we beat Australia? After yesterday's brilliantly inept performance I doubt it!

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