Sunday, October 08, 2006


Yours truly has written his first article today (as the pseudonymous 'K') in this months Maxim. Sadly its only the Indian edition. Maxim India isn't a horribly bad product, but somehow after the UK edition you expect the Indian edition to be more, but they're getting there. Anyway, don't pick up a copy if you don't want to.


Shiv Kumar said...

oh don't worry you might make it to maxim international in good time ! BTW have you linked your blog with the number of hits simply zoom.

Shiv Kumar
check out my blog on sulekha:

Soumyadip said...

'Mundu Mayhem.' It was a little difficult to find that.

Is KLPR the same as KLPRR? Then it isn't only Delhi-school centric. We also had a more toned down KLPD.

Would like to point out one thing. My Khasi friends don't possess khukris. Though it is available in the Khasi Hills, the khukri isn't an indigenous Khasi weapon. The Napalese versions are more famous and effective.

The Indian edition is much slimmer than the UK one and uses old rehashed stuff from the UK edition. Moreover there aren't any topless pics.

Maxim is more about looking than reading.

Horn Please!! said...

Your article cover issue on automobiles is far better than many I have read, and probably the best on date. Cheers, great show.


Success in the domestic and international market shall be mostly with :sasta sundar aur tikaoo:.

Also, you missed the Big General Motors scoop boss . . . maybe in a Sequel?

K said...

- GM scoop soon!
- KLPR - sub Dhoka with Rakhi!

Horn Please!! said...

Yes!! Ask Bala for Sequel . . .

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