Monday, October 02, 2006

Shubho Bijoya!

Shubho Bijoya to everybody, hope you have a had a great few days. I know I have despite having spent a great amount of these 'holidays' in office. heck, I'm writing this post from office.
I tried going to the CR Park Pandals yesterday, but I saw the crowds and ran off. However, earlier in the day I thought it would be a good idea to take my Mom to the more distant Puja's in the city, so we went to the Mandir Marg Kali Bari Puja and the oldest running Puja in Delhi at Kashmiri Gate. Also caught up with the nice, small family puja that happens in Gulmohar Park and the Puja at GK-2 M-Block market where we even caught a Arati - Dhunuchi and all, sadly there were no cute Bengali girls around anywhere.
I wanted to go see the Puja at Charmwood Village which won awards (Aztec Pyramids, et al) but my friend Vikram who stays there wasn't home so I shelved the plan. Sam has been staying over at my place because he also wanted to do the Puja thing. Its been fun the last few days and I plan to hit a Ravana-demolition today (Happy Dussehra also, and Happy to you too, Father of Nation), there is one walking distance from my place.
Anyway, Shubho Bijoya and have a great time!
Interesting news item, I wonder what happened? I would not put such an incident past fellow school students, but maybe the lack of stoners (and their general lack of violent behaviour) is leading to too much alcohol fueled rage.


thalassa_mikra said...

Tomaakeo Shubho Bijoya.

Mandir Marg is my favourite Pujo venue, have been going there since I was a kid. And you don't have the crazy crowds of the CR Park pujos.

What do you mean you didn't see cute Bong girls? My friend, who's Iranian was impressed not just by the Bong girls he saw at the Pujo here, but all by how well-maintained the middle-aged boudis were :).

Why were Stephenians celebrating the culmination of their festival all the way in Gurgaon?

GBO said...

Why were Stephenians partying in Gurgaon? Maybe because it is closer to Kerala.

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