Thursday, March 10, 2005

three posts.. one day... damn i'm vella

OK, this does not mean that i'm still in office. I'm actually had home. There was this dinner I had to attend, but it was so freaking boring that I left for home, which was only ten minutes walk away. Anyway, I'm just one of those crazy vella people who have nothing much to do online but check out weird sites and download pRon, but I chanced something interesting right now and since I have now decided to start making this blog a bit more regular, I'll start putting up some pictures as well.

This is from the website of Katie Nice, a former artist at Spumco, and these are really quite whacky and interesting, which is a pleasant distraction from work, or surfing the depressing underground of the interweb.
You can find the rest of her portfolio here. By the way, I promise to always post a little linky in each of my posts.
Other than that, I might be going to Bangalore to test drive the new Innova and I'll post my impressions here before I have to write them for various publications.
Anyway, I have a breakfast meeting, rather breakfast story to do tomorrow, so I should really get a bit of shut-eye, and besides I've already had a few drinks go down the upper orifice.

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