Monday, March 07, 2005

Me back, Naren in Goa

The plane that brought me back to the wonderful capital city of India had reportedly taken Mr Naren down to Goa.
Anyway, Goa was fun. As usual. Just a lot of Colin Fernandes look-alikes though, which was scary. Hope they all are not as dazed as Colin is all the time. That said, a Goa full of Colin's would have no political troubles anymore. Did some para-sailing, which was a lot of fun-ness, but nothing could match the pleasure of a long morning walk down Covolossim beach. Not as much fun as the North Goa beaches, but not having a chaiwali trying to sell you tea every 50 meters and seeing beautiful clean sand is also very nice.
Hmmm, actually so was the two-room megaroom at the Leela overlooking a lagoon. But somehow the romance of staying in a little shack just off the beach sharing the room with people who have forgotten the concept of a bath and where you fight with empty beer bottles to try and find a place to sleep. All while forgetting that someone has just spiked you with a motherload of LSD. The romance, the romance.

Anyway, the Congress party is a power hungry bunch of sexually deviant people (as is the BJP, just for me to show my politically deviant position) and is also evil, but Anna Nicole Smith is eviler. She exposed the bouncy silicone filled boobies to the Ozzie media during the MTV Oz movie awards. Those poor poor sods. Really!
Beyond that, a friend of mine in the US working with a security consultancy IOActive, where they do serious hacking work, quite unlike Ankit Fadia, sent me this article, which proves that the world is a rather fucked place. And the instrument of the devil is none other than Google itself. Funny, I always thought it was Billy G who was Beelzebub himself.
I have promised to be more regular here, so I will be.
It turns out according to the British media that a certain 'Indian media tycoon' has been dipping his wick into the same place that David Blunkett dipped his. Suppposedly it is a certain Mr MJA. Read more about it at the Telegraph website, where Aveek Babu has done a brilliant hatchet job. BTW, the site is down right now, not surprsing given that ABP group websites seem to be down more often than they're up.

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Hey!!!. im not dazed all the time..just not interested in other people's bullshit..