Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Bombay attack

The attack on the India Today office in Bombay by a bunch of lumpen elements(I just love that term, maybe its the bong in me) suppopsedly from the Shiv Sena was peculiar to say the least. Anyway, from what I have heard, a few monitors were banged up, a couple of the people in office are going through a mild form of post traumatic stress disorder and one photographer, Umesh Goswami got a bit hurt. Even though no-one really got banged up, I would have hated it if that hasppened to my office in Delhi, but then again, a bunch of lumpen elements wouldn't be able to make to our office given the traffic on Delhi's roads right now.
Now, I understand the one-time wannabe cartoonist and I guess spiritual leader (now that he is a bit too old to be the physical force) of the Shiv Sena did not have much to do with this attack. I guess he is too old to know anything. Anyway, I really don't get this Veer Savarkar crap, I mean even if I was to cyynically dismiss the Congress version of Indian history, I hadn't heard of Veer Svarker until Mani Aiyer opened his mouth. OK, so I didn't study history, but I doubt too many history students would have heard of this characters name. I mean Shyama Prasad Mukherjee was a great freedom fighter of sorts, but this Veer Savarkar chap was inconsequential to the freedom struggle. There I said it. F**k you, Shiv Sena, you're nothing more than a bunch of incestuous something-something. Shit, I said this too. I really gotta explore my right-wing credentials all over again.
Anyway, AP went up on stage at the Business Today event that was being protested against (because Mani Aiyer was the lead speaker) and declared that this event was the 'death of democracy' and for some strange reason, the Pramod Mahajan hating Asian Age decided to to an edit about this. 'Death of democracy?' I thought that was what happened in Jharkhand, not in Maker Chambers.
But, did that mean that the banged up Intel Celeron computers that the team used would get replaced with ones with 'fresh' democratic credentials. Nope, from what I've heard some nice used monitors have been brought in to replace those whose lives were lost in that fierce struggle. Why, oh why can't they get new computers? Hey, I need a new computer in office as well.
Now interestingly friendgirl seems to have won herself some big prize lately. I should really celebrate with her.
And by the way, in case you wondered why we all blog? Its about the money, honey!

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