Sunday, March 20, 2005

Social Robots

I am attending a very interesting symposium. Rather it is a pre-conference workshop before 'Doors of Perception' supposedly a famous design conclave, called 'Social Robots'. Have learnt, or rather been told of the interplay between humans and technology through the medium of movies. Haven't really got the time to explain things in depth, but you can see more that the blog of the guy who is taking the course Roger Ibars.
Social Robots

Recently I got an email from a friend who had disappeared from my radar a few years ago. As usual, mere dost log are big matlabi bastards. But, 'ket (lets call him that) wants to be a journalist. I must change his mind and fast.

Obelix is a big man, but the Axum Obelisk is even bigger. Seized in 1937 by mad-cap facist Italian dictator Benito 'I look so funny' Mussolini and placed in a Rome piazza, the Italians are finally coming to terms with their thankfully short-lived colonial heritage and returning the huge stone monument to Ethiopia.

Imagine if the Italians would have been longer term colonials. The world would have awash in Speghetti and Fusilli. In Tomato Sauce.

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