Thursday, March 10, 2005

ah... Media

A large media conglomorate has decided to take legal action against Mediaah!
From what the blogs main writers are saying, it is most likely that they will shut it down.
Large media censoring small little blog. Well, it can be argued that the blog actually had an impact of some sort that the media conglomorate in question decided to shut it down. In America, it is notoriously difficult to do anything like this because of the First Amendment, but in India it seems the free talk can be muzzled.
I guess this blog can also be sued by anyone who seems to have their reputation mortally harmed by it, can I sue myself? I can whatever the crap flows out of my brain, spouting hot air (or hot text) onto the interweb, my streams of thought have been getting a bit awry of late. And it ain't the drugs or alcohol. I'm taking it easy of late. I think thats because of a huge credit card bill.
Credit cards are evil.
Large media conglomorates are evil too.
But, I guess this is a rather dangerous thing for this media conglomorate to do. The media conglomerate believes, I guess, that this is a classic case of a dog biting the hand that fed it.
I remember that auring the zenith of the internet craze in India (circa 2000) there was a website called DelhiGossip. And they had a rather large staff. I was working in the internet division of said media conglomerate then, establishing my reputation as a master of pRon and I knew quite a few people who joined that website. Heck, a friend of mine was even the agony uncle there (leading me to speculate that he was quite gay). This website survived on schoolkids writing scurrilous stuff, who gave whom blowjobs and who did what. Oh well, there are cameraphones for that sort of stuff now. I mean, there was stuff written about people I knew doing things (extremely unlikely things, mind you!) with other people I knew. They should have also sued had they known that said site was posting rather dangerous stuff without even a disclaimer saying that talk by forum members was not their responsibility. They did put one up later.
By the way, if you want to visit such a site now go to Masalatalk.
Point being, that there will always be sites/blogs/emails that post gossip, substantiated or not. Controlling the interweb is impossible, you can only monitor it. So, media conglomerate will end up shutting the site down, but in the process will piss off a lot of journos against 'evil' management. Man, this feels like a bad remake of an Austin Powers movie with no female lead. Doc Evil always loses and said media congloerate will suffer too sometime.
My philosophy in life is rather simple, what goes around comes around.
I love the interweb, and long live the interweb.
Power to Mediaah!
PS : My condolences to Vinod Sharma, Pol Bureau Boss at HT who lost his son in an motorcycle accident late Monday night. Traffic in the country is dreadful and we lose almost 100,000 souls every year on the roads, and the goverment does jack shit about it. It does sink in though when someone you know suffers.

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