Saturday, January 08, 2005

Moving On....

Is god angry with us? I really do not know the answer to that one. But I reckon with the human race growing at the rate it has been things will only get worse. By this I mean that the number of people killed in such disasters will just continue to rise. I guess that in a weird metaphysical sort of way this is a way for Gaia to control population, but I guess such a statement would be seen as cynical. Of course, this does not mean we forget what happened, and we should continue to contribute, but without being cynical, lets be honest, another few thousand people will die in cyclones and floods and what not.
We cannot prevent such stuff from happening, short of living on the moon. But, we should be prepared better for them. Instead of the government promising jobs for the rural poor which will ineviatbly lead to corruption, a la Congress, do the small things to stop dramatic floods in Bihar, protect the eastern seaboard from terrible cyclone damage. Do something to make sure that Bombay doesn't shut down for a week during the monsoon.
Anyway, moving on, I hope people noticed the most dramatic of today's articles in the papers. naren, your paper carried it on the edit page. And guess what it was the most damning indicment I have read in a long time. I mean Suhel is a nice chap and all that, he likes the social life, writing in newspapers and is one of NDTV's favourite 'shoot a quote' personalities, but by god did Amar Singh do a aisi ki taisi on him today. Friggin' hell, that was good.
Sadly, HT has made their website a paysite. Hello, people if I want news that bad - I mean if I am desperate I'll go to Indiatimes. But, it is more likely that I will go to Rediff. Even the NYT and WP are not pay and HT does not exactly have the contents of The Economist. If it the wies I want to read I'll check out the wires. May a thousand poxes befall the person who did that, and I will try to access the article on another site. I'm sure someone has it.
Pay sites make me pretty angry, kind of goes against the grain of democratisation of news. What the hell, even my company has a pay site. I mean, I can forgive 'Medianet' since it at least prevents journalistic corruption, but paid websites are pure evil. the eviliest of evil things to do.

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