Thursday, January 06, 2005


Journalism 101, for those who never knew it.
Unfortunately, I do not think too many of these questions are being answered nowadays, rather, many of thesequestions are not even being asked. How many times have I seen a press release go almost verbatim in the pages of a national daily? Way too many. How do I know? Simple, most guys can't write to save their lives.
In fact, most journalists are totally dumb fugwits. Not implying that I am not a dumb fugwit over here, my boss certainly thinks I am.
Anyway, back to the point, attending press conferences are a freaking pain thanks to certain people. Let me take the typical business press conference. You have a dude on stage who you can question about high-technology or something, but noooooo, someone will ask, "How much are you investing in India?" or "How many people will you employ?" Better still, someone will make a huge philosophical comment on something like "the common man", and why he should be allowed to buy a Terracan. I kid you not, when Hyundai launched the Terracan SUV for the stupendously miniscule price of Rs 19 lakhs, there was a fugwit who did not want to know why someone should buy the car, but how the freaking common man can afford it! Buddy, get something straight, there is no "common man" or "general public", however that is a point I concede to Naren to explain.
And then there are freeloaders. For years on end I have noticed a bearded chap at Press Conferences, and I am sure most journalists have and no-one has any clue who this chap is. But, he isn't half as bad as some of the other folks who only attend for the gifts they will get at the end. Whatever they might be, even a sad little pen. If they don't get it, they, well, fight. They fight for their right to freeload. Fair enough, I understand that half these chaps work for a pittance or work in some paper I would never have even heard of, but that doesn't exactly excuse you does it.
Anyways, there will be more invites sent out. So guys, in case you're invited just contribute please.

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