Tuesday, January 04, 2005


This blog is not about defending the inadequecies of the big media houses in India. Every one of them has a problem, and since I, and I guess virtually all the fellow contributors I will invite work in the so-called 'big media' houses of the country we'll just use this space to vent. Because, god knows how much you want to vent sometimes - at editors, owners and even fellow journalists.
In fact, I will subscribe to the view espoused by some other bloggers in India when they talk about the dumbness of Indian journalists. True, most of them are dumb, very dumb. This does not mean that I am appointing myself a member of the intelligent lot. No, not at all. I've done my fair share of extremely dumb and stupid things while in the profession and some people say that I am a natural in the job. Of course, development would have been helped if certain editors instead of mollycoddling up to corporates and in certain cases every single restuarant in town would have been in office. Nope, I guess they thought banging women in PatPong was more important than running a newspaper. Who knows? I am just a measly correspondent.
The basic objective of this blog for those of us who earn their bread by selling our souls to 'Big Media' - be that the Jain's, Poorie's, Roy's or Bhartia's can defend some of the decisions that we take and some of the storis that we do. This is not however a public board. You wanna take part drop me a mail at bada.loda@gmail.com.
Oh, and if you are wondering, who the hell I am, I'll let that bit pass till I really need to come out in the open. Till then let me get a bit musty in the closet and enjoy my time.
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