Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Heeding the call

Oh K!

If only you would emerge from the shadows and reveal your larger than life self would things get interesting around here. In the meantime people with a lot less sense -- like me -- will have to post using real identities.

Then again, isn't it all about identity. Aren't we, as reporters or editors or whatever, creating an identity for ourself. An identity that we sustain and help grow by living a certain way, talking a certain lingo, choosing to believe in certain things.

Journalism as an identity immediately raises a whole lot of interesting things to talk about .. Off the top of my head, the identity crisis we are going through. Who is a journalist? What is a journalist?

I don't think we can turn to the old guard for answers. They cut thier teeth in a different world. Thier sensibilities were developed in the days of the license raj. For them, in my limited understanding, a lot of journalism seems to be about license -- the license to know, to do something et all.

Which means that we had better do some thinking on our own. And then we could try and frame sentences based on those thoughts in private/public forums like this one or during one-on-one meetings.

Of course, for all that to happen more people will have to start blogging. Any takers?

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