Thursday, February 03, 2005

It has been a long long time

Just fyi, I'm still alive. Don't know Naren's status. No actually I think he is in love, which is as good as dead.
Anyway, in case you're bored...
I think in the 60's people were really uber-creative, some of the art work is really specatcular on some of these covers. Yes, today we are in the era of Art Speilgelman and the Maus inspired graphic novel. In fact, Business Today had a great article on 'Everyman's guide to Comix', I'll try and post it.
Coming back to cartoons, I was reading of a huge debate arguing whether RK Laxman should be retired or not. Well, the man is old, and the signs of his stroke a few years ago are pretty evident in his work. Plus, there is the 'common man'. Honestly, when Laxman was drawing in the sixties, while half of America was on LSD, India was a rather sleepy little place dominated by Nehruvian economics, and there was really not much social division. You were either rich, middle class or poor. And if you were 'middle class' you expected to have a government job and expected your son to have one too, this my friends was the 'common man' role model.
Now, well, I guess you have seen 'Page 3', yup, we live in a time where everyone just wants their fifteen to twenty minutes under the sun. Economic growth has led to a lot of (many very stupid) people getting rich and many (not so smart) old-rich people not being very rich any longer. So, you get the picture. There is really no common man any more.
There is also the issue with Laxman's edit page drawings which are very tired and not at all humourous. OK, so they are not libellous like the ones in the Guardian but they're rather boring none the less.
Anyway, these were just my two cents.
Have a great February.

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