Thursday, January 14, 2010


Regular posts have been far too few and far between - but what can we talk about lets see...

'Aman Ki Asha' - Well, I'm speechless, as is Anchorman. Therefore Anchorman would rather we declare war on Australia, whose media is going through gteat pains to describe how lots of Indians are murdered in India (in response to even what I must admit was not a really funny cartoon - R.Prasad can do better, his cartoons aren't always quite there, then again at least Mail Today has a daily cartoonist). Which is kind of missing the point, just showing that missing the point is an universal trait among journalists.

So that killed two birds with one stone. So, should one now explore the depths to which Jackie Shroff has descended - promoting Musli Power Extra. For crying out loud, that ad is the most bizarre one on TV. No wait, there is this JK cement advert which has a girl (God knows what she had to do to get the role) in a swimsuit. That is the ad. A girl in a swimsuit. Promoting Cement. What. The. F***.

What else?

Hm, oh yes, the inevitable claims of 'morphing' whenever someone is presented with a video or photograph of them doing something. Now, image morphing is rampant - I ought to write to Vogue India that future issues should have a byline called 'photoshopping' in addition to 'Photographs' and 'Styling'. Just look at the magazine, they're in love with the airbrush tool among others - check out PSD when you have the time. Not that the Kingfisher Calendar is any better - I was at the launch (yes, yes, I get to do cool things - I'm a cool guy, remember) and well, thank god for Photoshop. But video? Has anyone ever seen Indian special effects? Or what passes as animation in this country? Do people even know that replacing a gadzillion-odd pixels in several thousand frames would possibly melt a Core i7 processor? No, wait. This is the desi media, obviously they don't.

Any other housekeeping notes? Nothing right now (we'll get into the compassion vs. doing something debate later), I have a ton of cool stuff lined by for February, but you'll hear about that then. And no, it isn't about how the Budget should be banned for the sake of my sanity. But generally fun stuff. You'll see.

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