Friday, January 15, 2010

Follow Friday

Small-ish admission, I've become addicted to twitter - not to read the pointless mutterings of Twatteroor (though he has 600x the number of followers I do and he is really India's answer to Ashton Kutcher) but Twitter is an amazing content discovery mechanism and you can follow some really cool people - intellectual porn stars for example. I know that an army of social media experts will tell companies what they can and cannot do on Twitter - and even though they sometimes make me cringe - they are marketers after all, not much different from the guy trying to sell you an Insurance policy. Listen, I don't want to extol the virtues of tweeting or blogging - I've been blogging (here and elsewhere) for over eight years and I've been on Twitter before it was cool and when it was about to become cool - I did the first cover story on social media by an Indian magazine, cautiously avoiding social media 'experts'. Anyway, enough trumpet blowing. I just wanted to share a couple of the sites I've become used to reading a lot lately that I didn't know existed a few weeks ago. All thanks to Twitter. Yes, yes, this is all before I update this place!
- The Oatmeal
- This Isn't Happiness
- 9 Gag
Actually, there are a myriad more, but I don't have the patience (it is a production day, so...) to go through Chrome's history and if you've never checked these sites out, they'll keep you entertained for a while. While I slink off to a corner to hide hiding from my iPod which is trying to blast my ears with cringe-worthy music that I didn't know I actually had on my iPod.


Anonymous said...

K,I'm sure you've already thought of it and reversed your thoughts..but it seems that while you continue blogging anonymously to the world, you also seem to the have the quiet urge (even desperation) to reveal yourself and "blow the trumpet" from time to time. Perhaps you should just do've been 'in the realm' for way to long to offend anyone and are quite smart to avoid offending the delicate egos..

Anonymous said...

whats ur take on both social thing of ibn & ndtv