Thursday, March 06, 2008

Hi! I ran the Oregonian

Yes, Oregon, the home of the Portland Trailblazers and Nike. Wedged between the powerhouse states of California to the south and Washington to the north. But, why do you ask is this sometimes political, sometimes nonsensical, bitchy and stupid blog talking about American geography? Well, supposedly, there is a chap called Peter K Bhatia, another SAJA soul who is coming to India to take over the boss of EchTee. You heard it here first. Peter, and this blog supposedly does not like Indian folks called Peter, refer to the NewsX fiasco is the current Executive Editor of The Oregonian. I do not think the Indian newspaper industry is as hard up as the aviation sector for 'Commanders' that we need to fly in recruits from abroad. I also believe that a senior political journo from EchTee was fired because he took money from INX as well. The story gets murkier and murkier.
I believe PaperMint did a fairly good job until it shot itself in the foot with a childish centre-spread (unsurprisingly, the web-edition did not have that spread, the PDF is a 30 meg download by the way) Mint had far and away the most balanced media coverage but something as out of kilter as their budget spread was insane. Come on, one of their 'green dots' was for increased HRD spending! C'mon, a fifth-grader could have told you that, which government wants to shoot itself in the foot by keeping education spending steady?
Anyway, I will be posting the first of a series of 'By Invitation' posts on the blog shortly, where I will ask prominent editors or other folks in the know to write about various aspects of the media, from bad reportage to the future of the media in the internet age. The first series is being written by a close friend who is an environmentalist and he talks about the ridiculous and 'incorrect' coverage given to environmental issues by the media.
And in some completely unrelated news, Rahul Joshi, Executive Editor of The Economic Times has been asked to take over additional responsibility as Editorial Director of ETtv. Maybe, the Times Group wants some synergies between trhe business channel and the business paper since I believe it has gone badly wrong for synergies between Times Now and ToI. But that is another story for another post.


prudent indian said...

I respect your 'right' to not publish those comments which 'you' do not like for one or another reason.

Long live 'freedom of speech'!!!???

Anonymous said...

Perhaps people should this write-up of Peter Bhatia in the Hindu which appeared in 2002:

* Leader of six Pulitzer Prize winning newspaper projects
* Four time Pulitzer juror
* Served two terms on the board of directors of the Associated Press Managing Editors organization

He has been named "Editor of the Year" 2008

Anonymous said...

Synergies between ToI and Times NOW could never have been drawn out. Jojo is a brilliant guy - a fantastic human being. Arnab Goswami, on the other hand, is an idiot, an arrogant fool. At least 280 people have left Times NOW because of him.