Monday, March 17, 2008

In the meantime...

While I have been drinking more whiskey than I should and tempering that with way too much double expressos, I have been fairly busy over the past few days. Supposedly working, schmoozing on official business would be more like it and when I had to work I became so snappy, that it surprised me. Actually, I do believe I have been getting too snappy of late, with too many people. Not good, not me actually. C'mon I have a carefully cultivated image of a jovial, gregarious sort, I can't let the insane, close-to manic depression version of me on the loose. Because god knows what will happen then, because that side of me is a pretty scary side, because I know it exists. Maybe you will start noticing it in some posts, let me know if I start to lose the plot.
But, coming back to things, we did speculate on why EchTee did the puff job they did on Ponytail (ref: this post) and today I saw why. It was a full-frontal assault by the industry's worst copywriting team on the front-page. I have been described in one email as a ToI 'apologist', well I think the marketing team there owes Indian readers an apology for unleashing the full-frontal nudity advertsing that plagues big publications today. Anyway, we won't into the merits or demerits of that now, because I can be stuck here for a long time. But the point is that Ponytail does seem to be a nice human being, though so many other folks are also nice guys, doesn't make them saints though.
I have also been reading with fascination the coverage on the Scarlett case in Goa. Weirdly enough, I really don't think the girl was murdered, because if she was as high as the papers claimed she was - three hits of acid among other things in a 15-year old - she probably died of shock. Sex on LSD is not something anybody would really reccomend, especially considering the thing is a drug that makes your brain go all funny. Maybe some folks get their kicks thinking their screwing a gnome, or the clouds or whatever, but for god's sake... Anyway somewhere here while teh Brit's carry on about the mother and the Indian papers and channels struggle to find a point, drugs are still going to be extremely easy to find in Goa. And pwonder why Goa attracts white trash, well, all sorts of trash actually.
Anyway, I have much left to be done, working with utter and complete idiots who claimed to be editors of defunct publications. Sigh, I things I do for money short of bending over. Such idiots!


Anonymous said...

As someone who has spent a reasonable time in the media industry now, I think you will agree that news has morphed into something quite diffrent from it's dictionary meaning in India today. Ask any hindi news channel honcho, and the guy will tell you(if it isn;t obvious already) that they are actually in the entertainment business. If that isn't enough, we now have mailers such as this sent by agencies where they values the coverage they got with channel tie-ups, including news channels. And they even credit the channel as a partner. Surely, paid for news?

In fact like you yourself said, even trade sites and magazines, be it a Campaign India or e4m have clearly taken sides on lots of occassions, like the INX saga recently. And they surely reflect the status of the industry best.

GBO said...

Gosh, are you helping the Big Oaf from Pune with the motoring magazine? I agree, the things you have to do, anyways. Why don't they just make YOU the editor? I know that some of THEM asked me, but now some of THEM are THEMSELVES looking for a job or jobs.

Happy Holi.