Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Work or something like it...

There are times in your working life when you turn around and wonder what on earth the rest of your colleagues do, not just in journalism, even though several junior journalists make it seem like they either edit their publication or produce the Nine O'Clock news. I make no such claims (and if I id so three-four years ago, I apologise because thanks to some recent events I managed to see how much work the senior chaps do).
I just write stories, and I sometimes wonder why certain colleagues are terribly inefficient. Or why some of them insist of letting the entire office hear their pointless telephone conversations. Anyway, this is not a bitch fest, because I'm really not that frustrated at work, but I think I've hit that period in my life when time itself is becoming the commodity I crave most.
sadly though, every free minute I have, and this is the part I have been struggling to understand particularly since I haven't been smoking the good stuff, I have Mika's Love Today playing in my head. That and iPhone news and more iPhone news on virtually every feed I subscribe to. Anyway, I should have a more detailed post about some blabbering or slobbering fool or why I just love marketing for saying 'But THAT is what the readers want!'. And I also have a post due on a major national newspaper.

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