Wednesday, July 04, 2007


The things you find on YouTube... And posted by European Union no less.

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I've been reading all this iPhone news, and slowly the fan-boy news is filtering into tepid reviews. Whereas the iPhone might be a lovely device, somehow, out here, given Apple's pathetic reach and sales network and ridiculous pricing - a 30GB iPod which costs $249 costs Rs 17,600 in India if you bought it officially, I doubt it will coming this side of the planet soon. Plus, I'm more than happy enough with my N-series devices.


Anonymous said...


Pls write whats your take on Arun Shourie's report on Pratibha Patil.

your fan

Anonymous said...

K..How would you rate Nokia N series phones? Which one is good?

- Srini

Anonymous said...

The kind of comments i ssee on your blog are as if you are a walking encyclopedia. anyway coming to the point of utube and europe, its quite strange that in india we say sex is taboo so it lures ppl more, what is the raitonale behind ppl being obsessed with the same in the west. dont they kinda get an overdose of it.
u know who

thalassa_mikra said...

Of course you know why the EU put out that ad K, no? You only have to look at Hollywoood to know why.

Walmart and the conservatives and paranoid parents have managed to bully Hollywood enough to the point that it mostly churns out bland sex-less fairytales with either the pre-school kid or the action buff adolescent as target audience.

When was the last time you saw nudity in a mainstream Hollywood film? That's where the Frenchies score over Hollywood - they've got plenty of sex and nudity, and no Big Brothers breathing down their necks to tone it down.

Smith said... can get a 30GB iPod..officially on (formerly for 10.5k....and 80GB for around 15.5k...i'm serious...this is not spam....

K said...

Swati - Point taken. European movies are far more 'explicit', even though there is the occasional Hollywood flick that surprises you. I'm waiting for Grindhouse though!