Monday, January 02, 2006

Happy New Year and Happy Birthday!

Heck, its MMVI already. Damn! Thats one less year to look forward to for this carbon-based lifeform. Of course, there is always the hope that other carbon-based humanoid lifeforms calling themselves 'Journalists' or 'Prass' will continue to screw up. Why hope, this is the India after all, and the media here, which obsesses over how small a camera can become so that they can expose things like, maybe the empty space between their editors heads, then again, most (male) editors just want to ball the female reporters/anchors (I can't wait to be an editor), women editors chase the young men (some of whom don't mind being chased down). Its gonna be a lovely bitchy year, I just know it!
And this little piece of the cyberosphere has just become a year old. I don't believe I have managed to keep a blog running for over a year. It is quite remarkable. A miracle really! Thanks for all the juice. No, really. In case, I'm not making any sense, you wouldn't make any sense either if your head was full of grandiose numbers.
Anyway, Happy New Year to all the regular readers of the blog - I possibly know the ten of you rather well by now and also to those of you who come searching for porn, have a great year as well and I would sincerely advise you to use a better search string.


Bonatellis said...

shubho naba borsho :)

4WD said...

Happy new ear (like mtv says).

The is a pointless new year comment, but you have a nice blog.

Party on, dude!


K said...

Thankee.. and Bona I don't wanna be nitpicky, but isn't Baishakh sometime in April?

Bonatellis said...

K: shubho naba borsho translated from my mother tongue into English means exactly "Happy New Year" .... it doesn't specify the Bengali or the more universally accepted one ;)

Shivangi said...

Times Now soft launch has happened... finally! Ab dilli door nahi :)

Shhhhhhhhh..... said...

Happy 2007 and congrats on completion of a year of blogging. I'll reach there in a few months!