Friday, November 20, 2009

Weeks End

Short, quick post. I had an interesting morning meeting today with an independent MP who dabbles a bit in the media. The money quote, "A channel can break even, they can spend a lot of money for eyeballs, but it takes a special kind of genius to lose 200 crores quarter after quarter and still stay in business." Of course, this was interspersed in between comments about the media's lack of credibility, but that was like a preacher talking to the choir.
But I will write a post tomorrow about more interesting things, but this weekend I really do plan to watch Liefenstahl's Triumph of the Wills, one of the most revolutionary movies of all time but also a masterpiece of propaganda. Then again, the Congress does not need to pay for propaganda here.


Anonymous said...

Have you heard abt TV18, they r merging busines channels ops, and 12% jobs will be cut.... almost 206 ppl were fiven termination letter today, with 3 months basic salary.

150 r shown the gate in Mumbai itself. What say?

Anonymous said...

Not a word on attack on Lokmat IBN. Shame on you. Whats media blogging coming to. Disgraceful.