Friday, November 13, 2009


Honestly, there are times that I wish I can piss people off to the extent that they write angry yet erudite mails explaining their anger to me. Usually all I get are some silly comments (and some nice ones too) but while my articles have generated a lot of anger in some readers, usually people in PR, I've never seen such a passionate letter. And a bloody good one too!
And there is a very interesting report out by ICICI Securities on the state of teh Indian Media, including the televised news media. Which will not make for good reading for the folks at ET Now. I can't post it because of copyright issues, but try and get your hands on it.


Anonymous said...

Come on, K. Give us the link. Google search query, at least.

Mohan said...

Hey K, what a letter!
They should hire this woman in place of Goswami!
Oh and there are a few more columnists in HT who should wind up their stuff!

Anonymous said...

You know, I think, perhaps you haven't reached a stage where readers would want to pan you that bad, K..and this blog is definitely earning some brownie points..As for Ms Goswami...the first thing she should do is change the profile pic next to her column..

Anonymous said...

wondering what this girl is doing writing just letters?!

Anonymous said...

This is what the report says

CNBC TV18 remained #1 by a wide
margin, though it lost some share in October ’09 . ET Now, the new
player, has not been able to break
away from the 10-12% GRP share
range. Bloomberg UTV (erstwhile
UTVi) has significantly improved its GRP share to ~11% in October ’09 from ~6% in August ’09

Anonymous said...

Prem Panicker leaving Rediif for Yahoo India?

Advertising Whore said...

Is N. Behl getting commission from HT Media? The circulation of their Sunday paper has just increased, following the circulation of this letter. Nice PR work!