Friday, October 05, 2007


Short post. A commenter on the last post pointed this blog entry on one of the Financial Times' blogs. Here is the original story in the Economic Times. Quite a put-down, FT is essentially saying that the ET reporters.. ahem.. made up a story! Don't know who the anonymous commenter is, because most of my sources were surprised at the story, and quite taken aback. Globalisation has a cost!


Anonymous said...

There's more. Recently, Reuters Bangalore sacked one of its filers because instead of sending a correction file he overwrote the original file. On the other hand, till now ET has not taken any visible action on the two 'genuises' to wrote the Liberty Tea story.
Also, the ET awards have become a sham. The chairman of the jury was Narayana Murthy and he gets the lifetime achievement awards. Praful Patel was a special guest on the jury and sure enough he too gets awar. Kumar Birla was also on the jury and his aunt (shobhana bhartia) gets the businesswoman of the year award. ET says that when the names of those who are on the nominee list as well as on the jury are discussed they step out of the deliberations. What a joke? Couldn't the largest business paper in india find jury members who do not figure on the nominee list?

GBO said...

Well you get it free, almost, with the TOI, so that's OK too I guess. Newspapers in India are now usually more than worth their weight in raddi, so the more the merrier. In terms of car boot space, I manage to fill up an Optra worth of kabaddi a week with newspapers, junk mail, magazines and other paper, and recover more than the cost of the paper-wallah's bill.

When will this happen with cable-wallah bill, I wonder?

Anonymous said...

Here's another example: