Thursday, October 25, 2007


I am gradually realising that I am not the only cynic about Tehelka's expose of 'The Truth' in Gujarat. Elections around the corner there so let the BJP-bashing begin. Somehow, I am just not convinced about the story, people have points to prove and I know of very few individuals who would talk the way some people have. If something was to go wrong, and I have a very bad feeling that people might get killed for having flappy mouths, 'sting' journalism might die, and at the end of the day, its the timing. Though, this attack could strangely enough solidify the BJP vote in Gujarat.
I'm sorry but I'm a cynic.


Anonymous said...

I agree with you. Its all made up, all the comments and scenes appear dramatic and untrue.

Anonymous said...

You are so dabbed in Parivar perfume that you cant smell the stink(read Truth).

Anonymous said...

If you are bothered about sting's time here some food for thought: Gujarat people (sic) voted Modi back to power even after knowing the truth in last poll.
You want media to sit on proofs of netas in power slitting open pregnant woman just because polls are around the corner.
In all you know this may add to Modi's advantage knowing the extent of communilisation of the state mindset

Anonymous said...

Yes, its all made up. Video and voice doesnt seem to be of a hidden cam. Moreover why would all of the culprits boast about their deeds after 3 years. Looks more of an allegation then an investigation.

radical said...

hah..nothing to look rss/vhp/bjp activists were involved in anything unsavoury, there were no riots, no one was closed. now get back to work! ye..and i'm a cynic too..cynical about blogs lyk these.

Prudent Indian said...

Timing is too Perfect to ignore.Some times I wonder if the Congress has outsourced it's media cell to Tehalka!

Well,throw some light on it K,please.Interesting to note that Air India on the mast head of Tehalka Portal,after all a govt. of India undertaking paying money to Tehalka to carry out the campaign against major political rival!

BTW,I will not be surprised to see,if and ONLY IF,Tehalka choose to sting the architects of 1984 Sikh Carnage,Tehalka might find enough evidences to blame it on RSS,VHP or BJP.:)