Friday, September 21, 2007

Journalists sentenced.. haws!

Hmmm... but read some more ... in HT and there are others...

My contention here is quite simple, of the three pillars of government, the Judiciary can protect itself from all allegations of corruption by using contempt. Lawyers, notoriously corrupt ones, can bend the rules of law quite easily. The Delhi High Court acts with surprising speed in sentencing journalists but ponders for years about the culpability of the Ansal brothers in the Uphaar case. If one of their own is questioned, the Courts suddenly become swift. There have been journalists who have exposed corruption in various courts in the country - such as the Punjab and Haryana HC in Chandigarh (remember the Chandigarh Golf Course issue) and have been hounded. The contempt laws are stacked in favour of a bunch of people who will defend their own!
I believe no body in this country should be above scrutiny, I am not saying that what the Mid-day journalists said was the truth, but if they had the gumption to print these allegations, they should have a proper mechanism to get to the bottom of these allegations. This is not the first time these allegations have been raised - an article today morning in HT proves that point.
Anyway, will write a bit more over the weekend, even though tomorrow will be an awful day for me!


W.T.F. Ittabari said...

more than the courts abuse privilege powers.. parliament uses privilege which is uncodified and based on british customary law (some parts which needless to say have not been used in britain for over 150 years).

another instance that colonialism is live and well in india.

truth-teller said...

I wish I could sympathise with you guys, but frankly I don't care. The world we live in is not a fair place and journalists have proved to be not really different from judges when it comes to abuse of power & priviledge..

Do you guys have any sense of fair play? For past few months, we have been subjected to sickening displays of sympathy for convicted criminals like Sanjay Dutt & Salman Khan by the media while activists for human rights like Binayak Sen continue to languish in jail. One brave little iron lady from manipur, more gandhian than the real gandhi, continues to suffer from hunger for six years to protect the rights of people, but you guys are not able to spare a few square inches of newsprint to let the country know about her heroic struggle against the state, preffering to treat criminals like dutt as the new gandhi of the new century. When singur & nandigram massacres were happening exposing the true nature of corporate-politician nexus against the poor farmers of India, you guys were cheering Ratan Tata, honouring him with 'Indian of the year' award and shamelessly promoting him and elevating persuit of his childish dreams (flying in fighter planes) to heroic status..

You guys know where the moolah comes from and shamelessly bow n scrape before the moneybags. So why can't you show the same deference to our 'honourable' judges?

Evil Soul Lives For Ever said...

well i hope you people are intested in knowing the truth behind sealing and MiD-DAY exposure of truth so follow this