Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Apologies for not writing regularly, I really haven't been able to find time to write a rant on the state of the media in India. I'll invent some time to write about something soon enough, but not right now, I've just managed to make some time for myself after a while, which does not involve huge amounts of booze! I need to give my liver a break, it will be card season soon, and being the good Delhi boy that I am, I will gamble away large sums (for me that is!) of money. But then again...
Take care folks!

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Anonymous said...

may contempt of court come your way for treating your chief patrons, the readers in such a manner..
you are lowering! the dig-nity of the court, eh blaag!
i hereby take suo moto action of not reading this for the next few days
may you be gone to hell.. !!
case dismissed