Tuesday, September 19, 2006

What next?

I wonder why this was not the anchor story in the papers today? It did get a mention inside, but it really boggles the mind doesn't it? Not enough people donate eyes, kidneys, livers or hearts, and I'm fairly sure despite my new and improved 'drink less, east out less' lifestyle, I might need some of those. But really, hats off to the Chinese docs who pulled this off.
And what is with the TV channels all focussing on the occult - I just saw a story on Headlines Today (of all channels!) where farmers in the village of Mainpuri where a small plane carrying former Union Minister Madhavrao Scindia went down claiming that the fields are haunted with the spirits of the eight people who died in that crash. One farmer even claimed to be beaten up by all eight ghosts for having the temerity to have tilled the fields.
Methinks too much country alcohol is being consumed by people.
On another note, me acquired a new Che t-shirt (I would wonder what Mr Guevara would think at his visage being used to make lots of money) all the way from Cuba. Nice. But I prefered the Havana Club Rum more.
EDIT : Swati sent this picture of Che and Fidel playing Golf. Nice. Plus, when we are talking about the leftist icon whose image must have visited most upper middle class kids wardrobes at least once (even if they were not psuedo commies) you must read and watch The Motorcycle Diaries - Che's diary of his travels through South America initially on a Triumph motorcycle and then just hitching it. Fascinating.


thalassa_mikra said...

There's apparently a legendary but not so widely seen photo that shows Fidel and Che playing golf in one of Cuba's exclusive and expensive golf courses right after the Cuban revolution and the fall of the Batista regime.

What would Che say? He was as bourgeois as they get and me thinks his ego would have been tickled pink.

thalassa_mikra said...

There you go, found the Che golf picture -


K said...

He would be tickled pink all right. I gotta smoke 'em Habanos, they seem ummm... lovely.

Anonymous said...

well the journey was, in a way, the turning point of che's life. the book is funny, like many other travelogues (it has to, in order to sell).

but i dont understand why men love to wear che -shirts. is it the godfather kind of fascination?