Saturday, September 02, 2006


It has been raining all day long, well, not Bombay-esque rain just raining. Enough to get me drenched on the short walk down to the Metro station near office. Anyhow, there is this Fashion Week party I might attend tonight, lets see. Don't mind getting pissed drunk, it is a saturday, but I have to watch the weight though!
I don't have any 'serious' topics to write about, maybe I don't wish to write about 'serious' things right now. I've been doing a bit of trolling around YouTube and found some gems from the past. Enjoy!

And one more....



simran said...

hamara bajaj - legendary stuff. the thing about advertising - it's a form of torture to which we all willingly submit ourselves – (like going in for a dental check-up, K) there is simply no way out. you have to stick at it, sweat it out and eventually get it right. The odd team might occasionally escape to another agency. but the idea of earning a lot more dosh for a lot less angst clearly seems like a terrible cop-out. remember my first ad – my CD made me start with a new writing pad and by the time i got to the fourth page – that’s where all my work friends had left for a movie – and i was the only one left in the agency – a very sulky me barged into the CD’s room and whined about how late it was. 11 pm: reached the last page and he approved the first concept in the first page of my book.

thalassa_mikra said...

Man, I don't think I've seen those Goldspot spots in 20 years! And that's Kitu Gidwani - she looks just as lovely now. Couldn't identify any of the other models though.

I used to love Goldspot, and dilligently participate in all their contests that involved taking the rubber lining out of the caps and handing it to the vendor (if you get 3 of the same in a row or something, you got a prize).

Anonymous said...

A rajdoot ad would have served better than the bajaj one.. but great stuff nonethless.