Wednesday, August 30, 2006

I doth protest!

First Allnutt South, then Rud South. The weed plantation behind Muk East, nutured for a quarter of a century by successive generations of potheads also met the same fate. Then the right to smoke up and skip class for being stoned. Tradition is being killed by the current Nazi-inspired regime!
Along with three estemeed members of the class of 1975 Shashi (SUS President 1975), Chandan (SUS Chancellor 1975) and Swapan (Misguided Trotsky-ite 1975), I also add my voice to the masses of angry Stephanians (or Stevanians as we currently are I'm informed). How dare we lose the 'F' word!
What will poor Natwar Singh say! After all the man owes everything to college. (I wonder if college will get of the oily money?)
I don't have a link for the inside story, but I am - dunno - upset I presume!
PS : I assume, most of you from college got Nandy's letter, in case you didn't and want a copy, lemme know and I'll forward it to you!
PPS : Infosys has joined the blog bandwagon with their 'Think Flat' blog - aka : The Thomas L. Friedman fan-club blog!


Swati said...

Wilson's not only silly, he's ignorant as well. He should go brush up on his theology before he shoots his mouth off. Yes, Dr. Wilson, I have picked up the Bible, the original New Testament, which was written down in Greek. And I also know a bit of Greek as well.

Stephen comes from Stefanos (f is the Greek letter phi), and yes it is definitely pronounced with an "F". In fact, I've never heard anyone even in the Anglo world pronounce Stephen with an "V". If they say "Ste-v-en" they mean Steven or Steve.

In most of continental Europe the variations of the name are all with an "F", never a "V" (Stefan, Stephane, etc.)

thalassa_mikra said...

In case you didn't figure out, that is me. I don't know why my display name changes in your blog!

K said...

Must be because you switched over to the new Blogger Beta!

GBO said...

All those who are old enough to need to plead for their grandchildren's seats in College, need to call it Stevens, right?

T-8 said...

it's all so funny... a name like 'Hindu College' would never have any issues of pronounciation or etymology!

K said...

Whats funny is that the Greeks did mess up pronouncing 'Hindu' - unable to deal with the strong 'H' and thus ended up calling the river the 'Indus' and the country India! Of course LSR on the other hand - maybe you can it, naah lets not get personal.

thalassa_mikra said...

If modern Greek is anything to go by, then yes Hindu is especially difficult to pronounce in Greek. It ends up sounding Xiddu (X being the aspirated H). That's because the letter H does not exist in Greek, but chi (X) does.

By the way, I thought it was a different story. The fact that Persians couldn't pronouce Sindhu (which is what we called Indus river) and ended up saying Hindu, and hence the name.

We never referred to ourselves as Hindu in the beginning, and in fact for a very, very long time in our history. I'd be curious to know when the word Hindu first makes its appearance in an Indian text.

K said...

TM : You're right the Persians couldn't get Sindhu and made that 'Hind' and the Greeks couldn't get the 'H' and we became 'Ind' and thus India. Still no excuse for becoming a Stevanian though!