Saturday, August 19, 2006

Coke-Pepsi ke baare mein!

Vanada Shiva, India's favourite anti-MNC activist after Prannoy Roy's sis-in-law and her cronies, a person who takes hipocrisy to previously unfathomable levsl wants Coke and Pepsi to leave India. I think its fairly ironic that people who want to take us back to stone ages in the developmental stakes use fax and email to contact people!
I just have one question, even though I don't particularly like Pepsi, what am I suppopsed to drink Jack Daniels with now? Water? Sorry, wrong answer, I think we should all drink cow pee. And what about that quintessential desi drink - Old Monk? How will I drink that without Coke?
Why? What have I done to you people? First, farmers use so much pesticides in their crops that the sugar they make is enough to kill my sperm count, but no, lets not deal with the problem, lets attack the MNC's for using the sugar. And lets get our mad Mallu Marxists who want to take Kerala from the 1970's to the 1950's on our side. And we'll pay some 1000 people to come on a rally with us.
I don't deny India has problems, for gods sake, I've been to some of those places. But, the solution isn't what you people are doing. To be fair, the solution that the Surdie and the Italian are proposing is also a 'Pie in the Sky' solution, but it is a bit better.


Soumyadip said...

The template change looks good but looks little fat. I was a bit aprehensive about shifting to Blogger beta, but the features do look appealing.

K said...

Fat, as in widescreen optimised, or heavy? Anyway, lets see how the Beta goes..... Adsense got screwed up a bit=, still figuring that out!

thalassa_mikra said...

Vandana Shiva is nuts. What I don't understand about a lot of anti-globalization folks is that it seems to be perfectly fine for them to reap the benefits of globalization, but not for the poor sods to do so. So yes, Arundhati and Shiva can jet-set around the world lecturing liberals, but lord forbid if you desire to eat a McD or drink a bottle of Coke.

Ack, what gave these privileged, thoroughly globalized women the right speak on behalf of those whose lives and aspirations they don't have a freaking clue about!

Anonymous said...

You nailed it right buddy. Vandana Shiva is one big anti globalization joke. And so are her friends Brinda Karat and Arundhuti Roy. Here are our frequent fliers with platimum cards, mobile phones, designer sarees and dresses enjoying the beenfits of globalization on one hand and foul mouthing it on the other so that nobody else can benefit from globalization. It's what in brief is being SELFISH.