Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Farcical Sports

Sports officials have a knack of making the mundane interesting. Just one month after the World Cup had a series of officiating fiascos, and we still don't know if the ref or his assistants actually saw the Zidane incident, Cricket degenerates into a farce.
In the subcontinent, it has all become about racism. And this isn't a great time to be brown in the UK, you really gotta admit. So the ball-tampering incident, which is really a clash between two stubborn heads has become about something it should not be. Even though, I really do believe that Hair is an 'old guard' umpire who pines for the tradional days of the sport before us 'brownies' came and ruined it.
But, I do believe that people are choosing to read way too much into the incident. Cricket did not need this incident at all. Is the ICC stupid for letting man who is not respected by one side umpire a game? Yes, it is. At the end of the day, sports depends on the nuetrality and repect that the players have for officials. Anyhow, way too much has been written into the issue and I don't want any more. But, I wonder what will happen if the sub-continent decides to bid the ICC, Alvida!
Anyway, at least Golf celebrates a Black-Brown man!


thalassa_mikra said...

Congratulations on the move! Are you already in Delhi? Or are you in the process of moving?

You know, golf despite token figures like Tiger and Vijay Singh is still overwhelmingly older white men. I think cricket by contrast is far more inclusive at this point. Not interested in watching either, so I'm pretty neutral here.

Anonymous said...

prerna is a kid k, let her be.

K said...

Anon : Huh?
TM : No, I'm back here and people still don't know how to deal with roundabouts!

Prerna M. said...

i had left a comment here before... it disappeared... who on earth are you anonymous :-s and K didn't do anything :-s i was the one who started talking here.

carlo-29 said...

I'm not really a big fan of cricket but I think the recent controversies hounding many of today's sports events are disappointing. To think that competition today is full of doping scandals, racial remarks, ball tampering and game-fixing, is something that would make one lose interest in the sport.

Anonymous said...

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