Saturday, December 17, 2005

The Sankeman commenth

The last post is by the Snakeman, after months it is nice to see the resident insider from Rajdeep TV blogging here. I got a glimpse of Rajdeep TV today afternoon and guess what I see, the wife, CNN-IBN is such a bad name - Rajdeep TV wopuld have rolled off the tongue so much easier and it also would signify the channels core philosophy - Rajdeep 'Bleeding Heart Congresi Liberal' TV. I saw a couple of broadcasts, not bad but somehow, Undie TV is still where I'll turn for my news.
That said, I've beginning to like Headlines Today quite a lot, its a bit too bright at times, but watchable. However, sorry Snake, I'm still fida over Undie TV and its not because I know a lot of the people working there. But I'm curious about the part where you mentioned that a lot of insiders at Raghav Behl and Company blog. I know of a couple - yourself and the Codey. I bought a TV today and I just made sure that Travel and Living comes on the prime band. Actually, along with the History Channel, that is the only channel I care about. That channel in itself is worth the Rs 350 a month I'll be paying the cable guy. More importantly I also got the spare DVD player from Delhi and I will visit Movie Empire on Carter Road more frequently for movies. Life just got a better.
And now, I have to go for the Buddy Guy concert at NCPA. If you haven't heard of Buddy Guy, check out this classic DVD sometime. You know LG's corny ad tag-line "Life's Good", well, I feel like that right now. The only thing that would make it perfect would be, heck I can't say that here. And if you have some time, check this webcomic presenting a dramatically alternative view of the Bible. Oh, and please do check out this post on the other blog, a rather nice 'meaty' piece of writing if I say so myself. Also, I reccomend that you buy a copy of this weeks special 30th Anniversary India Today, not for S.Prassanarajan's piece on Laloo but for everything else. It is the best issue of India Today I have read in years, full value for 20 bucks. And Snakeman please continue to tell us of all insider happening at the Rajdeep HQ.


murli joshi astrologers and sons said...

i hereby predict that Snakeman's next appearance on this blog will be around New Year's. ANd the one after that not before March/April.

thalassa_mikra said...

K, do you already know who these bloggers are, or do you want me to send you links :)?

Bonatellis said...

gayeb !!??!!

thalassa_mikra said...

Snake, I just checked out your report on the IBN website. Congratulations on the launch!