Thursday, October 08, 2009


Minister L'Twitter condemned the attacks on Kabul today. But what else could you expect from the Taliban? Then again, a few weeks ago, L'Twitter's boss said that urged a 'settlement' with the 'good' Taliban. Sigh!
PS: Is it legal to want to kill someone because their ring-tone bugs you? Just asking. should go home and frag some aliens on the console, I'm building up dangerous levels of mad rage. And now I should get back to work.

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ms said...

just curious-do you ever re-visit your older posts? or read comments? what do you think about the latst offering - 200 of your average, ordinary citizens suddenly transmorph into this mob and murder 17 policemen? it will never happen in any other country, except in a third world country, this is the type of person migrating to the west? are other govt leaders aware of this?