Thursday, August 20, 2009

Chinese Honeytrap

Not something you will ever hear of in this paper, not from October any which way, or so the grapevine goes (not anything as much fun as the highest profile alleged honeytrap in the recent past). The number of conspiracy theories you hear on the phone nowadays with the 'Number 10' stamp on them is positively befuddling. It would seem that there is a full 'plotting' cell over there geared to engineer what can only be called 'Jinnah' moments.
Anyway, there was an interesting exchange on Twitter yesterday. Minister Twit says something, one of the few relatively politically neutral high-profile journos points out the ridiculousness of Minister Twit. Who then says that he is a critic of JLN. The joys of social media! Honestly, not everyone will ever get even a 100 followers on Twitter, let alone a thousand, but you shoul go onto Twitter for amusement. Personally, Twitter is a fantastic content-discovery and disemination tool for me. But that is me, someone who is far too social for his own good.

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