Friday, July 03, 2009


Yes, I know that Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code has been sort of declared unconstitutional, I mean sort of because Delhi's higher court is yet to review it. I also know that this means that everyone can finally get blow-jobs legally (how come no-one wrote about that?) after not all sex involves penetration of a hole at the bottom of your torso. The point being that why on earth did everyone go so frikkin' beserk over it in the media (one internal mail in a TV channel had the lovely term 'gayism' in the context - "we should cover all aspects of 'gayism'" - never knew that it was a '-ism' until now). Seeing the wall-to-wall coverage made it seem like that Gay guys would go around buggering each having in public (the cops will still frown on public displays of affection - and I wonder how on earth they will amend Section 375) , and the insanity of the coverage made homophobes even more stringent in their opposition. Primarily because much of the coverage was silly and anchored by illiterate idiots most of the time - Times Now comes to mind first and foremost. And if you wanted to see homophobia in full flight (other than Baba Ramdev promising to cure homosexuality through Yoga!), the language news channels were there with their versions of craziness. It was a pity that Dinara safina did not give Venus Williams as strong a challenge as Elena Dementieva gave Serena Williams, at least I could have watched Winbledon for a while longer. Watching news TV was hellish yesterday. And what is worse we are now heading into the budget madness on TV.
PS: I still don't get ET Now - anyone listening? Talking of which PR people have interesting stories, but more on that later.

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