Monday, June 15, 2009

ET Now

While The Economic Times has turned up the volume about ET Now, including carrying stories by their reporters more frequently, today mornings piece about the edit team and anchors was surprising. Not because of the way people got billing but because Rahul Joshi's name was nowhere in the piece. C'mon, everybody and their uncle knows that Rahul is the brains behind the channel (and recently that has come at the expense of the paper) - I can understand if he wants to be the anti-Arnab, but please. People do like names once in a while y'know.

I do have a lengthy prose piece planned out, but currently I'm stuck between Twitter and a hard place, so that will have to wait for a while. I'll keep posting on lunatic layoffs and other crazy stories, but for now I have to find a decent Espresso and type out one hell of a lot of stuff on MS Word. By the way, MS Word is 25 years old this year, after browsers it is my most used piece of software and given that I keep on swapping browsers, Word is possibly my highest used piece of software ever. I've argued that Google has become the journalists best friend, but for better of for worse (I like Office 2007 for some reason) Microsoft Word has pretty much become the spouse.

PS: This Shiney Ahuja case is very surprising. Didn't know he would take after Bollywood baddies of note!


Pierre said...

Openoffice Writer... just as feature-filled and.... FREE! :)

Anonymous said...

Women who know Shiney always vouch that he's lecher. There's no surprise element here.

Anonymous said...

I think MS Word turned 25 last year in November

Rajeev said...

Today's ad talks about how it's soon going to "the most widely heard business news channel". Probably it'll appear as a radio channel, with nothing to be seen there. Just as well!

Anonymous said...

Mr Rajeev.... obviously, you're one of those demented people who watch the crappy content that CNBC puts out day after day.
And obviously, your pea-brain coudn't fathom the message that the ET NOW advert carried. That the content on ET NOW is going to be so compelling that you will actually start listening to what ET NOW is saying, instead of listening to business news on mute, something that the likes of CNBC, NDTV and UTVi have forced the viewer to do.
ET NOW is targeted at smart, intelligent people who appreciate the relevance of business news. Not for twits like you. So, there!!!

Anonymous said...

The anchors and clothes on ET NOW really need help. Paromita, Faye and Sid are probably the only saving grace...The other anchors on air are there probably because they bargained for it or had the promise of looking 'pretty' with the lights and make up on...sadly that is not true.
I like the daily FPC of ET NOW is not a stock driven channel and they have managed to scare competition. special points to their 7 pm and 8 pm bulletins. I like the global news report, it carries nice stories and is definately a visual relief and 8 pm corporate show is good too. but their flagship show at 9 really needs help....but first i hope they get better anchors...and i am keenly watching what they are going to do on budget day...its going to be fun watching cnbc and et now going at it.