Monday, August 11, 2008


First, my apologies for disappearing without a trace. There was a death in the family and I used it as an excuse not to check my email for a few days and only filed what I had to file. I'm off to Calcutta today evening on a work related trip, the first time I'm going that side of teh world on work. The last few times I've been to Calcutta it has always been related to births, weddings and funerals. And not surprisingly I'm off to Calcutta again next week again - for death related purposes. Then again, like most second-gen 'probashi' Bongs I don't have much to go back for. My father is talking about selling the house I grew up in, most of my cousins are anywhere but Calcutta and those who aren't married to Calcutta want to leave.
Anyway, enough of that...
Abhinav Bindra's Gold was a pleasant surprise and despite DD screwing up most of the Olympic broadcast (cutting out at crucial times - yesterday's Basketball game for example) and me getting sick of the Ministry of Rural Development's adverts, they got Abhinav's competition bang-on. In fact, even the DD commentators were building the country up for failure talking of the Olympic spirit and how 'commendable' it was that we are taking part. The philosophy of it not being important to win. Bindra hopefully will change all that and if I were you I would not go to Delhi airport on the 14th, when Bindra returns, it will be the biggest jamboree ever.


Anonymous said...

Dear K,
First sorry to know the personal tragedy. However, i hope you use the Calcutta trip opportunity to get some interesting news form media activity there.
I know you are bit 'anti' ABP..for reasons best known to you.After all , its your blog you can show any color.I believe Calcutta is the only place TOI couldn't crack it much..its still very string ABP fort. Only ENIL is a success, but money flow very little there. Yes, they r way ahead of stupid HT.ABP still rule almost all segment of media at least in Cal.. any clue who's pertnering with STAR's bong Chanel?
BTW, I'm no way connected to ABP ,also not based in Cal too..

Anonymous said...

Have you noticed the glaring errors CNBC TV18's been making? more worrisome is the fact that they are claiming rumours to be true. For eg. Latha Venkatesh last week went on air with a rumoured inflation number of 12.11% claiming "this is accurate" only to have the actual number come at 12.01%. Today, they goofed up badly on the IIP number (reporting one component as the total).

Request if you can get more on this, because SEBI should take note.