Friday, June 22, 2007

Scary Pressers

Sorry for not posting for a while, I have been pretty tight for time and typing out a blog post on my mobile phone using T9 just doesn't have the same feeling of using a full-size keyboard. Anyway, someone once asked me what the craziest thing I had ever done was? Strangely enough, when I thought about it, that particular incident was really crazy and it didn't involve any sex. It did involve me plotting about how to kill some faceless-asswipe making yet another PowerPoint presentation during a Press Conference.
I know Microsoft claims that presentations and presentation software such as PowerPoint have made the world a better place, given that 99 per cent of PowerPoint presentations are as interesting as having an enema, especially ones you have to endure at Press Conferences, where some unheard of company proudly announces that they want to be '#1' is something or another before handing out gold-plated pens. Seriously, PowerPoint presentations at Press Conferences are beginning to get scary now because people are discovering that their new laptops with souped-up NVIDIA Graphics Processing Units can process one hell of lot of graphics and now in addition to inane numbers coming out of the mouths of idiotic managers, one has to endure inane graphics as well.
You know how to identify me at a Press Conference nowadays? I'm the guy in the corner listening to my iPod and still wondering why on earth I went easy on pot. It was easier dealing with press conferences when your synapses were slowed down, because you could just check out the women (Yes, I do that, sue me!) and ignore the crapola up on stage. What is even scarier is the current crop of air-headed bubblebrains actually listen to the PowerPoint but follow up their rapt attention by asking the most inane question.

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