Thursday, April 19, 2007

Well, he's out!

The most uncelebrated Person of Indian Origin (PIO) for eons, at least in the Indian media, which is more concerned about the human racketeering exploits of a Member of Parliament, Sanjaya Malakar has finally been knocked out of American Idol. Of course, with the diaspora viewers dropping out, as well as Sanjaya's fans, the impact on the ratings might mean we could see more Indians on US television screens, never a bad thing! If the makers of Indian Idol have any sense, they should invite Sanjaya to be a guest judge on the show, because Indian Idol has possibly the worst bunch of judges possible.
Anyway, this is understandably a sad moment for this blog, which only started writing about Sanjaya yesterday, and a few weeks too late it must admit. Sorry, Sanjaya you got voted out before I accused Americans of being more tone-deaf than the Himesh fan-club.
Now, with Richard Gere effigies being burnt across the streets of India, because he dared to chew Shilpa Shetty's ear, there are now a bunch outraged lawyers, who don't mind sleeping with call-girls of course, but do mind that a white man could do such horrible things to Vijay Mallya's squeeze. To those lawyers, please sue Richard Gere for being a bad kisser, not because your 'country' was defamed. For heavens sake, aren't there better things to fight cases on - or are you guys desperate to be on Aaj Tak, where, according to sources, some men are 'Sabse Tez' as well!
In case, you haven't seen the kiss, which was the only news item a few days ago, who cares about police brutality and loadshedding - much like the Ass-Shake wedding is going to be the only news event of the coming few days (even though I find that wedding gross, but I cannot elaborate without being accused of slander!), thanks to the wonders of the internets, we bring you this...

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