Wednesday, March 28, 2007


I have to apologise for not updating the blog for a few days but the last few days have seen me travel a hell of a lot, and get loaded up on a treasure trove of information. From succulent details of seriously compromised journalists (and we are not talking about the guys who were given free Matiz cars by Daewoo) and favours pulled in to how the entire entertainment industry got on PRDM's case at Mumbai, which was fun to see. Anyway, with the Congress headed for a debacle in Uttar Pradesh, it would be fun to see how much longer the government survives. At the same time, I also saw the funniest cover headline ever 'A Hitlerian in a Bhadralok's disguise?' - I don't have to mention that this gem of a headline was coined up by everybody's favourite ponytail, but shouldn't that actually read 'A Nazi', because was Hitler a Nazi and isn't 'Hitlerian' technically the funniest word you've heard in the longest time. Anyway, lots to come when I get some time to write it all, but until then, consider this a filler.


Bonatellis06 said...

It's a matter of interpretation of the 'ism'.
Nazism, as we know it, is a concoction of what Hitler made it out to be. It wasn't initially that bad, which is why it had so many followers to start with.

Funny it is, but the reference to Hitlerism as a new 'ism' may not be entirely non-acceptable.

K said...

Bona, I feel since the man with the bad muchh is so famously associated with a credo, you refer to the credo. There can a Bush-ist and a Blair-ist, but a 'Hitlerian', hmm, that is stretching the languge a bit. But given that our friend loves murdering the language, that isn't too funny.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kushan,

Ppl r waiting to know abt the "compromised" guys/gals.. not that we don't know of them but a few new names could also crop up.. blog in the details bud