Saturday, December 23, 2006

ToI's Edit Page

I'm not a member of the legions of desi bloggers whose sole purpose in life is to hate the Times of India. The cynical among you can say that this is because I'm an opportunistic idiot who lacks any moral code (who doesn't by the way?) or because of the fact that I know a lot of people who work there, which I do. Nope, I think the ToI is just as bad as the rest, and in fact when it comes to Metro reportage, most of its editions are far superior to the competition - in Delhi I think the ToI did a better job on the Anant Gupta kidnap, Jessica Lall murder trial and the sealing fiasco. In fact, there is no one ToI you can pillory and they make mistakes - a few too many one has to admit - but then again, I don't know, I can't quite do without the ToI every morning.
However, one page is common to the Times across all editions - and that is its Edit Page. Now, EchTee in its rebranding avatar has revamped its edit and oped pages and allows us to read more silly and pointless Arundhati Roy vitriol (like today), but Times' edit page has to be crowned winner in the peculiarity stakes. I must admit, I am not a regular Edit Page reader of any paper - most Edits are boring and throughly pointless and three days behind the news. But, sometimes there appears an article on Jug's page which catches your eye.
First there was a crazy 'Devil's Advocate' yesterday which said - no need to exercise, eat as much as you want. While, I personally almost follow the advice (even though I should not), this is not a Devil's Advocate piece - this is crazy writing. I might as well write that Safe Sex is a bad practice also. The second article is something I would never imagine I would ever see in the Times of India of all places and I find myself agreeing wholeheartedly with the paper. But, that doesn't mean I'm not flabbergasted at it!
I'll have the Zen Estilo review up by tomorrow, but for my initial opinions, I must admit it is a really nice car!


Arcopol Chaudhuri said...

I'd like to partially disagree here. I havn't had the opportunity to check out all other editions of TOI, but from what I've seen, it's a highly over-rated newspaper. More than that, its the TOI administrative policies for which it is infamous.
As far as the Edit page goes, I've seen better ones in HT, Asian Age.

HT rules, when it comes to editorial content. That's my opinion.

Super Scooper said...

Here is my problem - how and what do you define editorial content as? Weak city reporting can't make up on the strength of national reporting. HT's city reportage in both its primary centres could do with a pick-me up.
Secondly, as far as business reportage goes, HT is a poor second (even third behind DNA in Bombay) - its reportage on the Hutch deal has been godawful, and the news is right there in front of you.
Rules in Editorial content? I doubt it, no paper in India rules in Edit content, and you cannot call a paper whose poltical objectivity is clouded by the fact that Shobhana is a Ruling party MP. ToI is poor alright, but lets not get ahead of ourselves and annoint HT as King.

Arun said...

toi is the most appropriate embodiment of the media scene in india today. marketing successes. editorial disasters. btw.. did anybody notice that toi's editorial was recommending a nationwide election to select the indian cricket team, captain, coach, hotel room sweeper, pawar's hair dresser...??? a newspaper was, at some point in time considered to be something that is sacred, and credible. not any more. the hindu is probably the last mughal. but i hate it cuz its communist to the core.


TOI Mumbai creates taste - then caters to that taste - a vicious circle in which the mumbaikers are trapped like the proverbial frogs in the well.

Its priorites are skewed.skims the cream(material) of life.

Amitabh bachchan & Tendulkar - the TOI's indians of the year!!!!!!!!

There is an India beyond Mumbai, for goodness sake!

I'll not swear by its editorial either.

I read it cos i have an academic interest in media behaviour.For information about national and international happenings, i read other papers.

TOI has only one aim- gobble up/elbow all other newspapers. To achieve that end, it'll go to any lengths.