Friday, May 12, 2006


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I set up another Flickr account to post some of the pictures from this trip. Click on the picture and go there. I know I don't usually get all personal on the blog, but I am reflecting the warm afterglow of a great holiday!
On another note, things have been fairly active while I was away - with Pramod Mahajan passing away, the elections - of which I saw a bit in Kerala where the Lefties swept into power - and despite my dislike for communism, the lefties were able to make huge inroads into the voteshares of the Muslim parties which for some strange reason are considered 'secular' parties by the Congress.
Amma lost and Sun TV won and in West Bengal - well my creed has decided that we'll stay on as the world strangest communists for now. Bongs make for stranger commies than Prada wearing Chinese. On the other hand mad JNU types whose sister-in-laws run influential news networks make for dangerous Commies. Brrr... Seriously, I find Prakash and Brinda Karat scary.
And there was that entire Kaavya Vishwanathan thingie too. I've also taken 'inspiration' for college term papers and tutorials - for gods sake if you have to write something interesting on such delightful texts such as 'Joseph Andrews' or 'Mansfield Park' you'ld take inspiration too - but then again - 'inspiration' was a way of life in SSC. Someone told me that one of my fathers old MA tutes (from the 70's) was still doing the rounds when I was in college. That said, there is a big difference between some crappy tutorial which had no impact on your academic results and a book which is part of a $500,000 deal. Heck, if someone gave that kind of crazy money I'ld make sure that nothing seemed remotely familiar. But anyway, say what you will the girl's badly taken photograph made all the papers - and the ToI - that doyen of originality took a very strong stand on the issue.
Anyway, normal programming will resume soon, till then enjoy. But before that, I have finally found someone in the blogosphere who agrees with my contention that Rang De Basanti is not what half the world makes it out to be, and in his brilliant style too.

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