Thursday, May 18, 2006

Losing streak!

I woke up groggy eyed and late (at almost exactly ten - I did go to sleep at four - no excuse though) in the morning after Arsenal lost the game last night, though Barca were deserving winners, switched on my TV which happened to be on RajdeepTV and saw the ticker - I first thought that they'ld got the decimal wrong.
But at 10.15 I got a call from a friend - "TV dekh raha hai?"
"Haan, kyon?"
"Behanchod, its a freaking bloodbath!"
I had no idea how the day would progress, but bloodbath is too mild a term to describe what happened today. Fair enough, the Indian markets have been climbing inexorably high and today's fall is linked to falls across the world. Several other large indices also collapsed today - "A sea of red" the Beeb business news called it.
"Kitne log suicide kiye abhi tak?" someone in office blurted out.
I don't know but - dude this is serious - the BSE Sensex was down 826.38 points down 6.76% which is a lot in any language - and all 30 Sensex stocks were in the red for the first time ever.
I'm pretty sure the market will recover tomorrow, but before that the papers will do blanket coverage of the fall today and a lot of garbage will be spoken.


Nazimk said...

blodbath it is, k. but seems markets around the world are suffering. so, nothing alarming. n.e.waz wasn't expecting expletives from ur blog.

K said...

Nazim - a seven percent fall is a 'expletive' moment! It is alarming - it seems that the negative sentiment prevailing in the market means a bigger fall tomorrow - or least a drop till 11000.

Akshay said...

I know what a bad day. Arsenal lost - I'm glad the match wasn't one sided atleast they put up a fight even with 10 men.
The morning after - BSE reacts to the Metal Meltdown on the LME and sentiments are soured. Looks like bears are coming.

Bonatellis said...

bears? in this market!! buy, man, buy ... buy as much as u can :)

K said...

Akshay, Arsenal lost because of the ref - even Sepp Blatter agreed with that!
Now, today's not exactly been a great day either - 300 points down and counting will the market go below 11k? Waiting and watching.

NikhilS said...

I could not care less about the Stock Market even if i wanted to because i don't understand it.
But I would like to point out that the Terje Hauge was a bad referee and he was bad for both sides. Firstly he disallowed a perfectly good goal and sent off Lehmann which ruined it as much for barca as for Arsenal. With ten men on the field, Barca were always going to find Arsenal's defence tough to break. With a 1-0 deficit, Arsenal would have been forced to attack giving Barcelona chances to exploit spaces at the back.
Secondly, the only goal the gunners scored came from a swimming pool dive by Ivory Coast's Eboue. It was a bad tackle by the air in France.
Thirdly, the goal which Titi and Wenger are crying about being offside is technically offside if we do not consider the daylight rule, it is onside if we consider it. Since there is not a standard and accepted norm for offsides (ie. daylight or not.), you can argue for both sides.
Henry is right in complaining abuot puyol and marquez being wrongly not booked. they should have been but i think he is expecting too little from both of them (He missed two sitters, if i recall), if he thinks he is gonna score only because they are on yellows.
He should utter disrespect for fellow professionals after the game in his interview. And if Hauge wanted to continue the petty argument that Henry started then he can do so in court for questioning the integrity of the official and thereby defaming him.
Please be objective in your defence of your team. Lets not try and be overlty biased towards either team, even if you support them. It was good match which was ruined for both sides by the referee, whether a player is in the right to question the official's leanings is debatable. As far as I am concerned, the ref did not make any comments on Henry's pathetic finishing, so Titi should also shut up about the Ref's game.