Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Wappy Bhalenthine's Dhay!

You know how it feels when everyone around is making grand plans to have random sex and you suddenly realise that you ain't getting any. Now, because we've fallen into this entire marketing trap of believing that some old Christian dude died for 'Lurve' we must celebrate it. Of course, most people like me, which would be a collection of balding people of size (actually my hair is better than it has been in years and I've been losing weight of late, yea!) join the Shiv Sena and then go and protest 'Western customs', simply because they ain't getting any. Of course, with that party in disarray and the rebel leader famous for his torrid affair with a (now married) Bollywood starlet, this year the SS has been rather silent. Or maybe thats because several SS chaps got trashed last year by lovelorn couples.
Now, how will I celebrate Valentine's Day, I can't go out alone tonight, because y'know going out to bars, even if they're quiet, full of horny people is a very bad idea. I'm not particularly keen to watch some random movie, so I might read a book. No wait, I can't read a book by an Indian author, because all Indian authors (OK, almost all) can't write about sex, at all. If I really wanted to read about the Indian male fantasies I would buy one of those el cheapo things from Churchgate. Even M&B sex (well, there was this guy in school who read M&B so.... I just read the interesting bits - I swear) is better than most of the tripe Indian authors put out. Look at Tarun Tejpal's Alchemy of Desire, I mean with a title inspired by GGM you expected great passion - instead you got niether Alchemy nor Desire.
So, I'll hit the desi blogistan, but here writers are kinda prudish, other than talking about random desires or outright lies - its quite weird. But maybe thats because most people in India don't know blogs exist as yet (which is why Internet Explorer 7 with its built-in RSS reader might allow blogs to explode in 2006, I know I love Firefox and will probably be using Version by the time IE7 comes out, but heck you have to give MS the fact its MS). But the US is a different kettle of fish altogether. The blogistan, like the interweb is full of sex - imagery, text, whatever. Call me a pervert if you want to, but I love reading good sex writing - I'm not implying anything here - but the primal act can be described beautifully like the way GGM writes about it. Or you could write about sex the way Indians do.
So as a Happy Valentines Day gift to my readers, who usually number a bit higher than Codey's 24 a day, I give you posts, links et al, to great sex (writing, pictures, drawings, whatever). All this is arty-farty, and not brutally pornographic, unless you froth at the mouth (like Saudi religious police or the SS). Here goes....

(And by the way, not all of these should be opened in office, those are marked NSFW)

Eugene Vardanyan Photography - this guy takes some great pictures and is a master of Photoshop! (NSFW)
Straight Lines! (SFW)
The trailer for the 1974 movie - Deadly Weapons - they are what you think they are!
Fleshbot's Horny Valentines Day gift guide. Hmmm.... (Well, not exactly NSFW)
The Science of Love (MSNBC site for gods sake!)
How to be a Dominant Diva! Um, I discovered this today, so heck....

Blogs - from Sugasm #21
Her first time - and its not what you think it is!
Is Pussy a naughty word?
Private Appearance

From Nerve (SFW - Most of it at least)
Your week in Sex
Sex Advice from Chocolatiers
Miss Information
This is how it happened (Fiction)
The Miss Prisoner Pageant - Yes, really!

And here are a couple of blogs I read fairly regularly through my Bloglines feeds.
Urban Gypsy
Pussy Talk
Rare Erotica
Complicetes Feminines
One Life, Take Two
and of course, Viviane's Sex Carnival

By now, if you don't think I'm weird, I'm rather impressed. Hope you enjoyed the links, and have a great V-Day.


shyam said...

Viviane totally makes my day, that is when I can find the time for her. Other than that I have the delicous feeds for sex and porn in my aggregator along with a couple of feeds from bloggers who have similar kinks as mine, which I obviously won't specify. Technology is the greatest gift to us perverted minds. Incidentally, the perverted lot turn out to have more interesting observations than the simple ones. Weird, no?

Alok said...

Hey first time here...and you have made my day with all those links. Can't wait to get out of office now just to click on all those links :)

Viviane said...

Thank you K and Alok, for the lovely comments, and your support. *Mwah*

thalassa_mikra said...

Hey, I love the Nerve essays. But I was sad when they made the best stuff subscription only.

You should have couply friends like me and my boyfriend. We can't stand the Valentine schmuck, so we are actually hosting a BBQ for buddies. We'll have the yummiest kebabs and vodka to go with it. Viva anti-Valentine's!!!

Miss Syl said...


Thanks to darling you from arty-farty me for your kind recommendation. I blush with flustered embarrassment at the compliment...


Miss Syl

P.S. I think codey is right. The "perverted lot" often have more interesting observations overall. Maybe higher libido is a direct corollary to higher IQ?

akash said...

great links
thanks man

rums said...

belated happy valentine's day kiddo! hope you are doing better and behaving responsibly :)
btw, could you get me some dhansak powder (get the best available) and east indian bottle masala from jude's at pali naka market in bandra and send it across when people from delhi visit b'bay?

Tess said...

Thank you so much for including me in the list of blogs you read. I am so pleased to be included. Kisses.


Shankari said...

Coming back after a longish time, have I missed much? Not much mush, anyway.
Forget about alchemy, has anyone read Weight Loss???
BTW, congrats on your own loss of weight.