Tuesday, February 07, 2006

The things you discover...

When you play around with Google Analytics. I've been using Google's stunning website statistics thingjammy for over three months now, thanks to a post I read on it by Codey. And thank god I registered when I did, because a couple of days after that, Google shut down new registrations of analytics because they got snowed in by applicants. I have been using the free Statcounter service for some time now, and its still around, but analytics kicks ass, because it doesn't have any weird limits on data (100 users or no service).
For example, I've discovered, that discounting my IP address range, I get a 80:20 approx split between Firefox and Internet Explorer. I've been using Firefox for quite some time, and I love its features, the search box, the tabbed browsing. Its a nice browser. But there are too many versions floating around at the same time, of the 660-odd people who came to this blog using Firefox the spread was over 15 versions - there were two dominant versions - 1.0.7 and 1.5, but over a quarter of the users used outdated (That is discounting the 5% of users who used the latest iteration of the browser). Thats just in the last month. IE users numbering four times as many had just five versions between them and 96% plus used version 6.0, while I love Firefox and I know that IE is buggy, constant upgrades can leave a large number of users vulnerable to attack, because Firefox does have flaws. My auto-upgrade whatever you call it is on, so the browser automatically corrects itself, but despite living in a world of customisation, there is something to be said for standardisation.
But one advantage of Statcounter is the already linked searches, unlike analytics where you have to Control-C, Control-K (Firefox's search box) and Control-V and Enter to find out where your page comes in and in doing that you discover some gems - but you sometimes wonder what the hell is floating around the interweb. I got particularly curious when a person (multiple hits from a similar range of IP adresses) came to this blog using this search. Did I miss something some time? Sure, I knew of one one (fairly well loaded) southern news anchor who was less than discreet with a mobile phone camera, but this if true would be like Whoa! I've got to call folks at Undie TV, I knew that Archana doubles up as an orgy house, but taking the camera out of the studio? Hmmm....
Moving on....
Yesterday, I watched an interesting movie, The Exorcism of Emily Rose, and I couldn't sleep for three hours after that and when I woke up I was drenched in sweat. But maybe that was because my fan wasn't working. However, it was a great horror movie. Or was it a great courtroom drama? I dunno, not as mind-fucking as Revolver though. But then again, Guy Ritchie is nuts, after all he married Madonna.
However, I don't know if I'm sweating because giving up cigarettes is making me do it. A distinct lack of dopamine and maybe even serotonin in my head has been weirding me out quite a lot. Sleeping has been difficult, which is weird for me because I've never had any sleep disorders. Maybe its the massive reduction of carbohydrates from my diet - heck I've virtually reneged potatoes. I've not been the same old, same old of late, and I've even begun to lose weight. I really think I'm losing the plot slowly but surely.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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K said...

Well, well, well, someone has issues over here. I usually don't delete comments, but salacious and outrightly defamatory comments are not the idea, especially if you don't have the whatever it is that someone is supposed to have to come out and say it with a name attached. Call me whatever the heck you want to, but dude hiding behind 'anonymous' is just not correct.
And this in a post where I talk about IP logging.

SV said...

I remember you telling me to sign up for Google Web Analytics. I forgot. Now I regret. No way of signing up now?

Soumyadip said...

I've been using Statcounter for almost as long as I've been blogging and it is fun, especially the keyword activity part. Boy, people search for all sorts of things and land at of all places MY BLOG!

Recently switched to Firefox and IE already seems obsolete.

I've also heard of (not seen, coz my present paycheque doesn't allow me to indulge in a fancy cellphone) numerous MMSes of famous and the not so famous anchors from channels other than undie TV. How can these guys (and girls) be so stupid?

Well, I had left a (very) few anonymous comments on your blog, but nothing malicious. But after reading the above comments - no longer.

Statcounter will tell you that I'm writing this comment on IE, anyway the reasons aren't important.

Dreamer said...

Hey, I just discovered your blog.
it rocks!!!
Simply great stuff.
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