Monday, September 21, 2009

The K's new Sighs...

Minister Twat shoots off his Blackberry thumb and hell breaks loose, far too many reams of newsprint get expended on this while stories that came from mysterious sources that are not surprisingly ‘anonymous’ make it to the front pages as well without much discussion. Anyway, I’ve not been around and there really hasn’t been much going on other than the fact that 40 years after people started throwing stones at Indian Railway AC coaches, it is only when someone threw a stone at a Shatabdi coach with the ‘holy calf’ (Swapan’s term, not mine) that the Indian Railways swung into action.
Don’t feel like I missed much out here. And I had a great time in Paris, saw the Louvre and Orsay museums and my feet are still hurting after all that walking. No seriously, you do end up walking a lot in Paris. The Whiskey in Scotland was good too and the countryside is beautiful when you drive through it, even though I wished I was driving a nice two-seat roadster or even a four-seat convertible instead of the giant MPV we had rented. It really is another country compared to south of the border.
I’ve been travelling for a while and it was kinda weird to see that India barely makes the news outside. Other than the continuing disaster that is the preparation for the 2010 Commonwealth Games. Oh well, given the shrill tone that accompanied Anchor-man when I turned on the telly (Yes, I just had to tune to Times Now first) it was as if nothing had changed. Yes, there are signs of the economy turning even though I doubt that will mean that we get ‘delayed’ increments this year, even though I am sure that 2010 will bring with it the return of misplaced optimism.
But for the time being, let us get back up to speed. And enjoy the adventures of twats et al.

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