Monday, November 14, 2005

Lest we forget!

Earlier there were quarter-page adverts, now our friends at IIPM are hoping that the entire controversy has died down have taken out a full page advert in the Times of India, Mumbai today. I don't want to get into the details of the advert, and I will conceded that the institute is at least attempting to be more truthful in their 'careful wording' - however the line that all students must read is still an extremely low contrast. The line reads thus -
"IIPM conducts its own programmes in Planning and Entreprenuership (a non professional course) and does not teach any foreign institutes courses. International Management Institute, Europe awards its globally renowned MBA/BBA degrees in recognition of excellence of IIPM's programme and does not come under the purview of AICTE, UGC or other state acts."
So kiddo's if you apply to IIPM remember that their course is not recognised by anybody in India and run by a man who claims to be a lot of things - noted economist (without an economics doctorate) and a management guru (huh?).
Anyway, its not for me to comment on the issue, please read a summary of events at Desipundit.
Plus, this article by JAM Magazine, run by Rashmi Bansal was the genesis of the entire IIPM brouhaha. Swati's blog made some interesting observations into IIPM and their association with IMI, Brussels. Later, she made some interesting observations about IIPM's founder.


Bonatellis said...

the ad has appeared in ET as well.

Gautam Ghosh said...

and the Hindu and TOI Hyderabad too !

shyam said...

Heh, I wonder now if the junta is going to scream with the same fervor that HT & Hindu (OMG! that bastion of chaste journalism!) should boycott the ads and start doing pull outs on the EyeEyePeeEmm scam, lest they too be rated the PTM's shills. Fat chance!

thalassa_mikra said...

Thanks for the links again K. I haven't seen the ad yet.

Codey, there's a very simple reason why TOI has been subjected to so much criticism in the blogosphere, while the others have been somewhat spared. TOI's the only one with anything even close to a national presence, whereas the Hindu and HT are limited to local spheres of influence. Makes conversation easier, when everyone knows what you're talking about!

By the way, is that what upsets you about MSM-bashing in the blogs, that they focus so consistently on TOI?

shyam said...

TOI's hardly has a national presence. Beyond the North and Mumbai, the only place where it has a bit of a foothold is now Bangalore.

Well, yes it upsets me that they do focus consistently on the TOI for a couple of reasons:

1) So many hate it, yet so many read it. There is a disconnect somewhere in that. I do not love or adore the paper. In fact I hardly read it some three days in a week. But I have no issues in admitting that I knowingly read that paper. If you know it is going to write crap, then why read it at all? I know the criticism angle and all, but nobody is out there listening to you. You are all just numbers who add up to help hike the rates on the card -- the only thing that matters to them.

One of the side aspects to the TOI bashing is that every time you link to the site and click on one offending article or the other, you contribute another bit to their page views --> ad sense revenue --> ad rates on the standard slots. See the funny point, they even monetize your angst, while all of us are sitting here thinking it is harming them.

2) Everyone in this business is dirty, which is the only thing that I've figured from my time in the industry. If you are really keen on finding out you'd dig up enough dirt about Tehelka, IE, HT and everyone else. Today's media is not about delivering the truth or reporting the fact. It happens almost like an afterthought if it happens at all. On the first level it is a ruthlessly tough business. But there is this sense that only TOI is crap, while the rest are like angels. Everyone is crap here, only that the J&J bros do it unashamedly in the open.

3) If you are looking at all and sundry to report on the issue, the excuse of making conversation easier does not really count. Every little bit counts, remember? Saying they are small fish is a really sad excuse and HT is by no means a small fish. But then they don't figure in everyone's favourite bashing list.

4) I am always a bit of a neurotic looking for a good fight :)

IIPM Watchdog said...

AC's comment don't add up right with emails from his magazine's editor going out to bloggers for assistance with a story for their publication....

Mridula said...

Well try searching Business Barons on google from where all of the IIPM rankings for 2005 come from. You will find the usual story getting repeated.